2013 One Game a Month Entires

Trying hard to successfully complete the One Game a Month challenge for 2013. My most recent release is QuakeCraft, a Quake1 Minecraft mod.

Details can be found at this page

My other #1gam entries thus far have included Steam, the Game! (This is broken right now, I need to fix the Unity project and re-export), Don’t Hit the Walls!, and Friends & Zombies.

Star Trek 90210

Wow, so I saw the new Star Trek trailer on Monday and was pretty excited. Looked great. Of course, I couldn’t help the comparisons with 90210 and whipped up a little video.

Well, turns out this video got some serious views, 150k in under 3 days. Hit the youtube #9 slot in the all time most viewed videos for 11/18/08. Pretty crazy stuff. Then, I see that the video was picked up on:

  • Attack of the show (Awesome!)
  • And linked to by Perezhilton

    Very cool stuff.