Perdition’s Gate

Product Title: Perdition’s Gate for Doom2

Platform: PC
Developer: Wraith Inc.
Publisher: GT Interactive / WizardWorks
Primary Role: Everything


  • Download Perdition’s Gate FULL version here!

My Contributions:

  • Project startup, organization, and support.
  • Project Management, build creation, writing, pretty much everything.
  • Map01 – Single player level (layout by Bob and Tom Mustaine)
  • Map02 – Single player level (layout by Bob and Tom Mustaine)
  • Map03 – Single player level
  • Map04 – Single player level (layout by Bob and Tom Mustaine)
  • Map05 – Single player level (layout by Bob and Tom Mustaine)
  • Map06 – Single player level (layout by Bob and Tom Mustaine)
  • Map07 – Single player level
  • Map08 – Single player level (This level was re-created in the Quake2 Vengeance add-on pack)
  • Map09 – Single player level (layout by Bob and Tom Mustaine)
  • Map12 – Single player level (1/2 of layout by Bob and Tom Mustaine, other half by Jimmy Sieben)
  • Map11 – Single player level
  • Map13 – Single player level (1/2 of layout by Bob and Tom Mustaine, other half by Mackey McCandlish)
  • Map15 – Single player level (1/2 of layout by Mackey McCandlish)
  • Map16 – Single player level (layout by Bob and Tom Mustaine)
  • Map17 – Single player level (layout by Bob and Tom Mustaine)
  • Map18 – Single player level
  • Map20 – Single player level (layout by Bob and Tom Mustaine)
  • Map29 – Single player level
  • Map30 – Single player level
  • Original music for Map01, Map02, Map03, Map07, Map10, Map11, Map13, Map17, Map18, Map19, Map23, Map24, Map25, Map28, Map32, Intermission music, and the title screen.
  • Original textures for levels, various menu art, and 2 of the skyboxes.

How Perditions Gate came to be:

Perdition’s Gate started out as a full 32 level wad project started by Bob Mustiane (my Dad) and Tom Mustaine (me) in an effort to create another 32 level mission for Final Doom to go along with Plutonia and TNT. Since Final Doom was in testing and packaging stages over at id for a long time, I contacted Shawn Green (in charge of Master Levels and Final Doom at id) and he responded positively about another 32 level pack for Final Doom, so Dad and I were off!

A short time later, we were informed that the Final Doom window of opportunity had closed, so we quickly contacted Jim Elson at Wraith Corp. who was in the completion phase on Hell 2 Pay for Doom2, to be published by WizardWorks. It was decided that Perdition’s Gate would become a standalone project to be published by WizardWorks, and that some of the Wraith team would assist in getting the project to shelves quickly. The Wraith team consisted some of the best Doom level designers ever, Jimmy Sieben (aka EvilGenius) and Mackey McCandlish (aka Avatar). Jimmy and Mackey jumped on the project along with Jim and Perdition’s Gate quickly was wrapped up as one of the most fun Doom2 add-ons ever created. Thankfully, this wouldn’t be the last time that Jimmy, Mackey and I got a chance to work together, those guys also had a large hand in building levels for Scourge of Armagon, and of course, Hell 2 Pay by Wraith Corp.

Since WizardWorks was bought by GT Interactive a while ago, and then GT was bought by Infogrames, then Infogrames changed their name to Atari, it’s become impossible to buy a retail copy of Perdition’s Gate anymore. I’ve attempted to contact folks at those publishers with no avail in an attempt to be able to release Perditions Gate for free since the retail earning potential for that project is long gone by now. Hopefully sometime soon people can enjoy Perdition’s Gate for free, until then, check out the demo! (UPDATE: Somebody appears to have gotten permission to post the full version! See the link above)

View the Perdition’s Gate plot synopsis here.

Perdition’s Gate Full Gallery:


Perditions Gate Map01 – UAC HQ:

The first level of Perdition’s Gate wasn’t designed until later in the game, since we wanted to have a somewhat “realistic” looking level, where you enter from a parking lot, into the UAC office complex, and finally off to the UAC research areas. Of course, “realistic” stuff in the Doom engine took quite a bit of imagination, so the theatre room, and the office area are a bit understated.

Bob laid this level out on paper first. During the layout phase I was able to leverage a few Doom wad tricks, had a goofy optical illusion at the entrance that simulates the sky dipping off into the horizon, also moving railing textures on lifts (fancy trick back in the Doom days), and finally a tower that is surrounded by stairs on all sides but still provides a panoramic view at the top. Also, the first episode of Perditions Gate used a multipart skybox to give a 360 sky view unlike the early Doom games.

This map was also a blast in multiplayer, lots of long range shotgun and rocket battles mixed with a bunch of fun areas to hide.

Screenshots from UAC HQ (click to enlarge)

UAC Complex B

Perditions Gate Map02 – UAC Complex B:

This map is one of my personal favorites for a number of reasons. I really like how the texture theme turned out in this map, actually – the marble textures on this level were created in Dpaint using a scanned marble bookend with a hand scanner. The deathmatch flow on this level is a blast – has a very Doom1 Episode1 feel to it for some reason even though the layout is very linear.

Not a lot of wad tricks in this level, just good old geometry and lighting. I really like the storage room in the middle south section of the map, and the blinking hallway leading to the outside area on the south east section of the map.

Screenshots from UAC Complex B (click to enlarge)

Recreational Yard

Perditions Gate Map03 – Recreational Yard:

This is a map that I just ran with one day, very little planning. During most of the development of my various Doom wads, I was at home sitting at my computer with a TV always on to my right, so just about every one of these levels, I can remember some specific episode of a TV show I was watching while working on the map. While working on this level, I was watching an episode of Airwolf, so you can see the room in the easternmost part of the level is ripped off directly from the Airwolf cave where they would launch the helicopter from.

No wad tricks at all in this level, although early on I did try to put a window texture in every window, unfortunately that was ridiculously slow and the number of windows got cut down significantly.

This map made for some fun deathmatch since the non-linear symmetrical flow with the large courtyard in the middle and lots of overlooking windows provided quite a few opportunities for players to get the drop on an opponent, then escape before any repercussions could be taken.

Screenshots from Recreational Yard (click to enlarge)

Storage Area

Perditions Gate Map04 – Storage Area:

During development, I really didn’t like this map for the longest time, it always seemed too cramped to me, and the flow was just off. Thankfully, after making a few small scale changes to the northern sections of the level, the cramped feel of the southern parts of the map became better balanced by the open feel of the northern sections.

I really liked the geometry at the start of this level, and locating the secrets in this map always seemed very rewarding.

No wad tricks in this level at all, I struggled to build a synchronized lighting effect in the northernmost hallway but eventually just gave up due to time.

The synchronized lighting effect is one of those Doom tricks I was never able to master, grrr…

Screenshots from Storage Area (click to enlarge)


Perditions Gate Map05 -Sub-Basement:

This level was a blast to work on. Bob laid out the initial flow on paper with the X shape in the starting area, flanked by a large ornate outside area and a maze of hallway to room heavy combat zones. A number of places on this map were built to emulate elements seen in Doom1 Episode 1 levels, also areas of Doom2 Map01.

I think my favorite trick on this level is the massive U-shaped fast-door just south of the player start that contains 22 baddies behind it, every person I ever watched play this level jumped away from their desk when this huge door would shoot open and a load of former human grunts and sergeants would start hammering down on them. Lots of door opening, lift lowering or raising baddie reveal tricks on this map.

Screenshots from Sub-Basement (click to enlarge)

14 thoughts on “Perdition’s Gate

  1. Perdition’s Gate and Hell 2 Pay are totally awesome megawads. Interesting to know that the creators were also involved in Final Doom, most notably Evilution. It’s funny how Perdition’s Gate is said to be hard since its not as extreme as Plutonia, not to mention that parts of Hell 2 Pay reminded me of Icarus. Other than that, they are enjoyable. Kudos to you and Andy Olivera for bringing them back. Maybe you should try bringing back Master Levels for Doom 2.

  2. Enjoyed Perdition’s Gate and Hell to Pay. Really loved the level designs on both megawads.

  3. The site hasn’t been updated as of January 2011. I’m still waiting to listen to Tom’s midi soundtracks of Final Doom, Icarus, Perdition’s Gate, and Hell To Pay.

  4. Sorry, but it looks like this link isn’t legal at all, and you should delete it. Perdition’s Gate isn’t freeware: I posted this link for downloading PG full on Doomworld Forums and I got banned ’cause of that. A forum mod told me this:

    “This wad is not freeware, and you can’t link to it. Believe me, if it was actually rereleased as freeware by the *publishers* (note: publishers, and not an unrelated third party or in a piece of wishful thinking by one of its creators), there would be a news story at Doomworld about it.”

    So, actually, your link for downloading Perdition’s Gate is considered warez.

  5. Damn, sorry you got banned. But I won’t be taking that link down.

    The company that originally published Perdition’s gate is LONG gone. The companies that bought up all the rights to the stuff have zero interest in this kind of product anymore and won’t sell or support it. At this point, it falls under Abandonware.

    Feel free to mirror my statements to Doomworld admins. It’s not wishful thinking, I know what I’m talking about 🙂

  6. You list up front that you did Map19. From what else I’ve seen it should be Map18.

  7. Just heard of this WAD. I had no idea it was released back in the day. Just searched for a copy on eBay but couldn’t find one, so thanks for making it available here. I have only skipped around the level set so far to get a taste for things, but it seems very well made. Looking forward to going through the whole thing, start to finish. Thanks again!

  8. How do I install this wad under Windows 10? All I get from the two installers is “Doom2 not installed!….” even though I have Doom2.wad AND Doom2.exe (that one copied from the CD, since I no longer have it on my PC.)!

  9. I tried running the installer under DOSbox, it fails after picking Minimum Install:

    ERROR: call to _dos_getdiskfree on drive F: failed

    Any chance you can upload this as a PWAD to idgames archive?

    IIRC, in those days mods had to deusf -merge their data with that of the IWAD to change floor, ceiling and sprite graphics.

    I am playing Hell To Pay : Burning Vengeance (ZDoom edition zh2pbv.wad) in GZDoom and it’s fun, would like to have the complete trilogy.

  10. When I tried to install the WAD via DOSBox, both install programs failed. It would be nice if there were a version of Perdition’s Gate (and Hell To Pay, for that matter) that didn’t require the installation programs.

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