Perdition’s Gate

Delta Area

Perditions Gate Map06 – Delta Area:

Delta Area was truly a paper-map to Doom-map translation that worked like a charm. The layout Bob came up with for this level contained lots of teleporter hopping and tricky navigation which gave this level a different feel than the previous levels.

This level is where the toxic nukeage theme starts kicking in, many nasty pits full of toxic slime that the player did not want to fall into.

I recall watching some crazy “haunted houses” show hosted by Jonathan Frakes (Riker from Star Trek: The Next Generation) while building this level, that show actually inspired a few of the secrets in this map. I think that show was “Beyond Belief, Fact or Fiction” or could have been “The Paranormal Borderline,” two shows that Frakes hosted at one time.

Screenshots from Delta Area (click to enlarge)

Toxin Refinery

Perditions Gate Map07 – Toxin Refinery:

The Toxin Refinery level was truly unique for it’s time. Until Duke3d came along, most game levels remained very static, you never saw any massive changes to the geometry or layout of a level. At the time, making massive changes to levels like that in realtime was quite unheard of, so I decided to try and build a level that would take a central area and change it significantly right before the player’s eyes.

The big fancy trick here was this: The player entered into the Toxin Refinery level, made their way inside and would see this huge (Mario style) pipe coming out of the ceiling with a little stream of toxic juice pouring into a channel that drained elsewhere off the map. After doing a bit of fighting elsewhere in the level, players returned to the room with the pipe and see that that room had made a massive change. The entire room would be flooded, the drainage channel overflowing with slime, and the little trickle of toxic juice coming out of the pipe now a massive downpour of radioactive slime.

Of course, with games these days, this kind of thing is pretty standard, but this was considered quite an achievement back in the day.

Also, it’s worth noting, the next 3 levels also had shared exit and entrance geometry, so coming from the Toxin Refinery into the Drainage Tunnels would seem like traveling from one real place to another, instead of the standard hop-around-to-random-levels nature of most Doom maps.

Screenshots from Toxin Refinery (click to enlarge)

Drainage Tunnels

Perditions Gate Map08 – Drainage Tunnels:

This is one of my all time favorite maps…and…I have no idea why. Nothing super fancy was done in this level, but the theme and flow always felt wonderful. The wandering around in nukeage theme of this map paid tribute to some of the long nukeage running levels in Doom1 Episode 1 (like E1M6 and E1M7.)

Some basic deep water wad tricks were used in this map, also the large dark-forces style outside areas with the angled railing was something nobody had done before in Doom yet, so I was pretty happy with that.

There is a tribue to Doom1 E1M5 in here with a secret in a secret section leading down to a cool view of the large outside areas and a room full of goodies.

I later rebuilt a version this level in Quake2 for the Vengeance add-on pack.

Screenshots from Drainage Tunnels (click to enlarge)

UAC Experimentation Center

Perditions Gate Map09 – UAC Experimentation Center:

This is my favorite looking level in Perditions Gate, especially the main entrance. While developing Perditions Gate, Jimmy Sieben and I decided to build the last 3 levels of episode 1 to share similar geometry and texturing to Doom1 Episode 1. Some elements we used in our maps from Doom1 Episode 1 were things like the high windows looking out into the skybox, the baffles with the gray computer textures with red ceiling lights, and so on. This level was my first take on that style and it turned out being my favorite in the game.

The general size of all the major areas in this level along with wide hallways tended to a very solid multiplayer flow that made this map lots of fun in deathmatch.

Also, this level contained the first look at the dome architecture that would be seen in later levels where all the UAC teleporter experiments would take place.

Screenshots from UAC Experimentation Center (click to enlarge)

UAC Teleporter Labs

Perditions Gate Map11 – UAC Teleporter Labs:

The Teleporter Labs level was another level where I wanted to do a few things that nobody had seen before in Doom levels. Inside one of the teleporter domes, the door is locked down by a security system trapping a bunch of imps inside. Thankfully, the UAC built a “chamber purge” failsafe system into the teleporter domes in case a specimen came through the teleporters that needed to be suppressed quickly. Players get a chance to push a button, and watch all the imps killed by 3 scripted successive explosions, an event that nobody had seen before in a Doom level.

Other wad tricks that appear in this level are some basic deep water, an animated hologram, and finally an invisible sector that acts like a transparent window between players and the imps inside the teleporter dome, keeping players from shooting the imps and vice versa.

Screenshots from UAC Teleporter Labs (click to enlarge)

14 thoughts on “Perdition’s Gate

  1. Perdition’s Gate and Hell 2 Pay are totally awesome megawads. Interesting to know that the creators were also involved in Final Doom, most notably Evilution. It’s funny how Perdition’s Gate is said to be hard since its not as extreme as Plutonia, not to mention that parts of Hell 2 Pay reminded me of Icarus. Other than that, they are enjoyable. Kudos to you and Andy Olivera for bringing them back. Maybe you should try bringing back Master Levels for Doom 2.

  2. Enjoyed Perdition’s Gate and Hell to Pay. Really loved the level designs on both megawads.

  3. The site hasn’t been updated as of January 2011. I’m still waiting to listen to Tom’s midi soundtracks of Final Doom, Icarus, Perdition’s Gate, and Hell To Pay.

  4. Sorry, but it looks like this link isn’t legal at all, and you should delete it. Perdition’s Gate isn’t freeware: I posted this link for downloading PG full on Doomworld Forums and I got banned ’cause of that. A forum mod told me this:

    “This wad is not freeware, and you can’t link to it. Believe me, if it was actually rereleased as freeware by the *publishers* (note: publishers, and not an unrelated third party or in a piece of wishful thinking by one of its creators), there would be a news story at Doomworld about it.”

    So, actually, your link for downloading Perdition’s Gate is considered warez.

  5. Damn, sorry you got banned. But I won’t be taking that link down.

    The company that originally published Perdition’s gate is LONG gone. The companies that bought up all the rights to the stuff have zero interest in this kind of product anymore and won’t sell or support it. At this point, it falls under Abandonware.

    Feel free to mirror my statements to Doomworld admins. It’s not wishful thinking, I know what I’m talking about 🙂

  6. You list up front that you did Map19. From what else I’ve seen it should be Map18.

  7. Just heard of this WAD. I had no idea it was released back in the day. Just searched for a copy on eBay but couldn’t find one, so thanks for making it available here. I have only skipped around the level set so far to get a taste for things, but it seems very well made. Looking forward to going through the whole thing, start to finish. Thanks again!

  8. How do I install this wad under Windows 10? All I get from the two installers is “Doom2 not installed!….” even though I have Doom2.wad AND Doom2.exe (that one copied from the CD, since I no longer have it on my PC.)!

  9. I tried running the installer under DOSbox, it fails after picking Minimum Install:

    ERROR: call to _dos_getdiskfree on drive F: failed

    Any chance you can upload this as a PWAD to idgames archive?

    IIRC, in those days mods had to deusf -merge their data with that of the IWAD to change floor, ceiling and sprite graphics.

    I am playing Hell To Pay : Burning Vengeance (ZDoom edition zh2pbv.wad) in GZDoom and it’s fun, would like to have the complete trilogy.

  10. When I tried to install the WAD via DOSBox, both install programs failed. It would be nice if there were a version of Perdition’s Gate (and Hell To Pay, for that matter) that didn’t require the installation programs.

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