Dwango wads for Doom2 & Heretic

Product Title: Dwango wads for Doom2 & Heretic


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My Contributions:

  • Built 4dwango.wad for Heretic from scratch
  • Compiled levels and music together for #1dwango.wad
  • Built map01, map05, map06, map09 and map13 for #1dwango.wad
  • Horrible music for map 13
  • Horrible music for Map 09

DWANGO Wads Full Gallery:

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4dwango.wad for Heretic:

Heretic hit the scene, and I was hoping to create one of the first public maps for the game. Unfortunately, there were no Heretic editors out yet, so I harassed a friend, Josh Martel until he agreed to hack and slash at the DEU source code, creating what was released as HEU 1.0 (Heretic Editor Utility 1.0). I worked on 4dwango.wad using Josh’s HEU, and we released HEU along with 4dwango.wad to various BBSs and ftp.cdrom.com as the “first” Heretic editor.

As expected I guess, our wildly unoriginal name HEU, was also used by another dude that hacked and slashed at the DEU code. As it turns out, the other dudes HEU was a bit more widely distributed and therefore adopted over the version that Josh and I worked on. (Josh did all the hard work, programming and such, I just created a map BTW)

Either way, it was a fun effort, and my map did get a reasonable bit of play on various DWANGO servers. Also, our version of HEU did get used to create quite a few Heretic maps according to a number of emails and wadauth.txt files that Josh and I came across over the years.

Overall I was pretty happy with this level, it was a simple but unique flow that took advantage the new Heretic features like flying, and look up/down.

Screenshots from “4dwango.wad” (click to enlarge)


#1dwango.wad for Doom2:

#1dwango was my first attempt at whipping up a compilation wad consisting of a number of my favorite Doom / Doom 2 DM levels, along with some of my VERY early (read: shitty) Doom / Doom2 work sprinkled in. This was really my first attempt at putting a larger map package together with all the fancy pieces, new music, new sounds, new textures, converted Doom1 levels, and some of my own work.

The result was decent, but no the highest rung on my Doom wads achievement ladder.

  • Map 1 was my poorly re-textured, somewhat flow adjusted remake of Doom2 map1, nobody played this map, and for good reasons.
  • Map 5 was basically my first Doom1 map ever, a flow adjusted version of E1M5 from Doom1. Looking at this now is embarrassingly bad.
  • Map 6 was an early version of the map that showed up as Map17 in Final Doom.
  • Map 9 was a level I whipped up very quickly just to have another level in this wad. This level is a joke.
  • Map 13 was built specifically to show off the “credits” texture I created for this wad. I think the flow on this level made it basically impossible to enjoy deathmatch on it.I also created some custom “music” for this wad. Stuff that nobody should be forced to listen to, ever, especially while trying to get to 50 frags.

Screenshots from “#1dwango.wad” (click to enlarge)

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