Friends & Zombies

My March 2013 One Game is Friends & Zombies.

This one kinda feels like cheating since it’s a project that I was a part of at my company. But, the OGM rules state that this kind of game is ok to submit!

Play Friends & Zombies on Facebook here!

Here is a snapshot of the entire Friends & Zombies city.

Friends & Zombies City

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2013 One Game a Month Entires

Trying hard to successfully complete the One Game a Month challenge for 2013. My most recent release is QuakeCraft, a Quake1 Minecraft mod.

Details can be found at this page

My other #1gam entries thus far have included Steam, the Game! (This is broken right now, I need to fix the Unity project and re-export), Don’t Hit the Walls!, and Friends & Zombies.

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