The Kindle 3

So a friend of mine let me play around with his Kindle 3 a few months ago – and I was sold. This Christmas, I received one as a gift and haven’t been able to put it down.

Now, most folks that know me ask me “Why do you need a Kindle? You already have an iPad!” The answer is pretty simple for me. While the iPad is a great reading device, it’s also a great distraction device. As soon as I swipe that lock slider on my iPad, the applications start calling! More often than not, I end up doing anything but reading on the iPad (thanks to Infinity Blade or Angry Birds.)

On the other hand, the Kindle is extraordinarily simple. It’s sole focus is for reading, and it works quite wonderfully for that task.

The version that I’m using is the Kindle WiFi. Since it’s dropped in price from ~$300 to $139, it’s a hard gadget to pass up in my book. As for the Kindle 3G, I haven’t missed anything yet by not having an internet connection at all times, but I could see that being a pain when on the road. Either way, I’m super happy with it.

Also, I highly recommend the superpimp Lighted Leather Cover. It uses the Kindle’s battery to power the LED light and has the added benefit of making it feel like you are holding a nice hardback book!

Mega win.

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