Trials HD, best XBLA game of 2009 (so far)

Yup, best XBLA game of 2009, no kidding. Trials HD is one of those games that every game developer secretly wishes that they made. It’s one of those obvious things that you kick yourself for not thinking of.

Excitebike + Modern Physics + Xbox360 rendering power = Fantastic.

They do just about everything right in this game.
-Tight responsive controls, easy to learn, hard to master
-Physics are seamlessly integrated and play to the core of the experience.
-Lots of variety in the levels, additional minigames, huge replayability. Well worth the $15.
-In game track editor with sharing of tracks (!) (Excitebike again)
-Great visuals with lots of special effects
-80s hair-metal music and 80s style screaming really help (for me at least!)
-Demos with playback
-Really slick way of comparing singleplayer races against your friends, integrated into singleplayer.

Check it out over at

The trailer does a pretty good job of showing the game off. Check it.

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