Avault Podcast Interview

The folks over at the Avault podcast had me on last week. Episode #39. We talked a bit about the iPhone platform, the upcoming DOOM Resurrection content update, app store pricing, game complexity, and FPS aiming on consoles. Good stuff, worth a listen if you’re into any of those topics.

1 thought on “Avault Podcast Interview

  1. Hey, I was just stopping by and was curious, as I have been searching for any information regarding this topic for a little while now. I”m an avid FPS 1v1 player. I know and am friends with all the top guys. I wanted to shoot you a message on here and ask.. What happened to Sever1ty? Was it something that just kinda got put into the closet until another date? Was there any work on it, or anything that we could see? Honestly I was really excited. I imagined something just a mix of all the great series that you and the fellows over at ID worked to create, compiled with that of the painkiller series and Unreal all in one.

    Anyways.. Just curious. Nice site btw. You should check out ours when you get the chance, we have some serious work done on ours. Might be able to hook you up with some stuff on yours if you like, since I know you are a busy person. 🙂



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