iPhone 3.0. Yes, yes yes, YES!

Every single thing about the iPhone 3.0 update is music to my ears.

  • 3G teathering: Thank you!  I’ve had this functionality on every PDA since my HP iPaq, and have definitely been missing it on the iPhone.
  • Bluetooth Audio: Brilliant.  Now, cars just need to get caught up and allow bluetooth devices to sync to the radio for stereo music output.  Say goodbye to your 3.5mm headphone cables in your car.
  • Voice memo: YES.
  • Peer-to-peer wifi and bluetooth: This is by far one of the most important updates. The types of applications that will spawn from this feature is nearly limitless.  Nintendo DS style pick up and play for games, sharing files, sharing contacts, local social networks, this is going to be amazing.
  • Control preipherals: Another game changer update.  Having access to the port on the iPhone, or the ability to use bluetooth to control other devices is going to continute to enable the iPhone as the mega-universal device.
  • Turn by turn directions: Say goodbye standalone GPS devices.
  • Push notifications for apps: This is super important.  That said, I do hope that Apple doesn’t cave into the pressures of “allowing apps to run in the background.” 3rd party apps running in the background is just a bad idea, this was one of the primary failure points of Windows Mobile devices in my opinion.  Some 3rd party app running in the background is eating cycles or memory, your phone stops working right.
  • Access to iPod music library: I’m interested in seeing just how much access we can get here.  If we can grab song data we might be able to use that data to make music games with your own music.  Also huge!
  • Subscriptions, additional content from inside apps: Some of the best news for game developers.  This is huge.
  • Cut & paste: Good.  So many people complained about this for so long, I’ve really only found myself needing this two or three times.  It wasn’t a deal killer for me, but obviously for the iPhone haters it’s a good point to latch onto.

    Great stuff.  I can’t wait to get the update.  Go Apple!

    For the full update skinny, check out the summary over at Gizmodo.

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