8 thoughts on “Finally Back.

  1. I am Tom Mustaine.

    Good to meet another Mustaine! Everybody is crawling out of the woodwork!

  2. Hey, buttheads!

    There’s only one REAL Mustaine!

    I’ve sold freakin 20 million albums. I formed METALLICA. I didn’t suffer from goddamn heroin addiction and saturday night palsy so some buttheads could camp my URL. I master freakin FIVE MAGICS!!

    A Tout le Monde, buttheads!

  3. Hello,

    Nice to see the site back up!

    I was wondering, will the old info about music and games be back up in any form? You were a pioneering DOOM mapper and much of that data should be useful for the Doom wiki (doom.wikia.com), for example.

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